Treatment with Cloud Medical is available to everyone – whether they use medical insurance or pay for the treatment themselves. Please contact us for more information on using their medical insurance and whether we currently work with the  insurance company of your patient.

Outpatient referrals 

GP’s and other professionals can refer patients to us directly.  Our consultants have  practising privileges at various locations and we will be able to set up an appointment at a location most convenient to you.  For musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation services we have locations in Surrey or can visit your home ( Neurorehabilitation/ Complex Disability only ) to provide assessment and treatments.

Email your referral to [email protected] or use the online  form where you can also upload basic patient information.  We will then get in touch and make the necessary arrangements as suited to the patient or circumstance.




Inpatient Referrals 

You can refer for admission into neurorehabilitation or complex disability pathways. Our Consultants  have admitting privileges at various location in Surrey, Berkshire  and the Midlands. Please download your referral form and email to  [email protected] and one of our dedicated Consultants or Senior Clinicians will get in touch to discuss the referral and take appropriate action.




We are registered with all major insurance providers