Training Programme

Nurses receive extensive training in neuro rehab areas of patient care

Such as:

An advanced respiratory management programme, covering topics the following:

Session 1:

Respiratory assessment for minimally conscious patients and humidification for altered airways

Cough assist indications, contra indications, set up and trouble shooting

Arterial blood gas analysis and interpretation

Session 2:

Respiratory assessment, anatomy and physiology

Respiratory failure (types, causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment)

Type of ventilators

Wet and dry circuits

Session 3:

Guidelines relating to respiratory management

Postural drainage and manual techniques

Drug treatments, secretion management, broncho dilator, inflammation, chest infections (oral/PEG)

Technology available to improve patient care

Session 4:

Management of Sepsis,

Managing Patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest,

The role of an advanced practitioner nurse in an ITU

Airway clearance techniques in neuromuscular disorders

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