Talent Innovations

Discover Our Talent Innovations (TI) Methodology


At Cloud Medical, we have created a set of innovative approaches to establish a well-defined, trusted, relationship-driven process that enables us to drive maximum value for our clients — we call it Talent Innovations (TI). TI design is based on our exhaustive understanding of the healthcare industry across various geographies and supported by the values that define our organisation and our culture.  The TI method guides us every step of the way while working to make a positive difference for both our clients and candidates alike.

Our Talent Innovations approach is built upon four key foundations:


  • Customisation
  • Specialisation
  • Communication
  • Digitisation



We understand one size does not fit all.  While broad job parameters may look standard across organisations, we understand that each organisation has a set of values that are unique to its culture which helps it stand out in the marketplace.  We work to understand, respect, and reflect those values in the recruitment efforts we undertake for our clients.  We balance the need for consistency, for efficiency, with the flexibility to be effective in meeting our clients’ recruitment goals.


We deliberately choose the areas we work, and work hard at mastering those domains.  Our healthcare focus allows you to work with highly experienced recruiters with deep industry experience in providing the right people for your unique requirements. To search, hire, and retain the best talent, we harness the expertise of dedicated professionals who know—really know—your area industry. Our consultants truly comprehend what it takes to succeed in your business and help realise your goals.


Art of communication begins with listening while the science of communications elicits understanding to make the relationship between two parties succeed. Our communication philosophy is enshrined in the TI approach, it ensures a 360-degree communication transparency with all parties. So, our consultants, clients, and candidates have a higher degree of confidence in the entire process, allowing us to fully engage with one another, openly and honestly.


A candidate’s expectations are constantly evolving as their experience changes. In recruitment, the search for talent has also been transformed, and is now based on data collection and analytics from online profiles, social media platforms, and other screening structures.  As the recruitment process continues to transform in the digital age, our professionals, along with effective talent acquisition strategies, are up to date with the latest technologies. From career apps, job portals, social media, or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, to good old personal networking, our savvy specialists leverage all the tools of the trade to connect the best candidates with the best opportunities.

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